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Thursday, February 23, 2006

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commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Home Renovation can be a daunting task, can I do it my self ? Should I do it my self ? I have a simple recipe that shold help you get started.

Getting started yes that's the main objective, your excited your pumped up, your....lost. Well lets not say lost a better term would be unsure, yes that sounds better unsure of just how to go about the home renovation project you have chosen (or had chosen for you) wether it is a matter of necessity, new baby, in laws moving in, bath tub just fell into the basement (which was formerly on the second floor) or perhaps you are just sick of looking at the same old faded scenery.
All roads lead to the same end, that dreaded home renovation project, ok enough chit chat lets get down to business.


1.Knowing your skill level. This is number one because this determines the entire project and how its handeled.
2.Money. Yes your' still going to need this
3.Reasearch. Sorry but this is very important
4. Patience. Hang in there

Knowing your skill level will determine, your budget your research, and your patience, this is why I all ways stress skill level as number one priority.
How do you determine your skill level, well you should be well aware of what you can do and what you should not do, but sometimes a second opinion can prevent a whole lot of problems and perhaps, first aid .A reveiw of previous projects and thier results is a good gauge of your skill level. My advice has always been to start small and finish big ,this is very important do not blow this off. Start with a small project, hanging curtain rods, painting some trim, put together some book cases, I know come on this is silly, I can do that STOP ! your missing my point, I said start small FINISH big, that's right FINISH I can not press this point enough, you must FINISH the whole job, every last screw, knob, and thingamabob. Most home renovation projects start with vim n vigor forging ahead and then the end is near and.... nothing ! Now in fairness to all the people out there who are getting that look right now, even the paid professional for the most part get this wrong
the FINISH yes all the little details must be completed or the job is not , well FINISHED !
Now if you keep this mind set, all projects you start you finish,you will find the planning the exaction,the budget,and your blood pressure will all remain controlled.
Lets review.. skill level, what you can, can not (or will not )do, remember your safety, and that of your family members is most important, some things should be left to the professionals, but once again your skill level will set all of these vareriables in place and thus get the home renovation project started .And what else are we going to need to get started...........

Well this is what makes the world go round, and makes many a home renovation project go down, (in a big ball of flames).
You must set a budget, and stick to it .Remember getting started is good but you must FINISH, FINISH, FINISH !
And if you run out of money? That's right no can FINISH. Allright, you say, well we were on budget and then &%$#@! happened
and ,well now what Mr know it all? Ok I am going to tell you..........................

That's right hit the books, the magazines, the neighbors, heck even uncle louie, the more the better. The biggest problems that come with home renovation projects (mainly bigger ones, extensions, bathroom, kitchen) is the un seen, the dreaded who
knew? Well make it your job to know, Now I am not saying you must know every thing (that's my job) but you can definitely
get your self prepared for what is in store for your particular project .Ask people who have successfully finished the same
project, what they encountered, what they spent, how they got trough it, Sometimes this can be a very depressing task
there are many horror stories out there, but for every bad one there are two good ones, so keep at it. The Web is a great
place to research, get prices on products, ideas, advice, but don't get side tracked remember, Finish!!!
Also do not forget the original free information highway, your public library (WHAT?) that's right they have so much info there
they let you take it home ,for FREE!! Now after you have assembled this vast new knowledge on your home renovation
project,and do not feel you are ready to give it a go, well you are now a well informed, knowledgeable consumer ready to
seek out and find true professionals to give you the results you are looking for. Now what got you to this point ?

That's right here it is the fourth and final ingredient, now you ask, well why is this not at the top of the list?
Well because its my list and that's where I put it!! Ok only kidding, Generally I find that people who are looking for information
do not want to be slowed down, they want to dig in and go for it, but, did we not read that we must FINISH ?
Yes and now we have, and with this information, and patience, lets get started on your home renovation.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


H i and welcome to my home renovation blog,this is a great place to get all of your home renovation advice, tips, and news.Home renovation can be a daunting task, get off to a great start in making your home renovation project a success.I am looking foward to helping you with your project at hand.